About the event

EUROAVIA Cluj-Napoca is proudly presenting you the AMEAC - The Annual Meeting of the EUROAVIA Congress, an event held annually, that brings together all the affiliated associations, in order to discuss, plan and decide the events, actions, policies and important changes for the following business year of EUROAVIA.
This year's edition takes place in the "heart of Transylvania", in Cluj-Napoca, a city which combines centuries of rich history with a continuously growing inclination towards the future, in a scenary that ranges from beautiful medieval buildings, to vast green spaces and modern business centers.
So if you are into discovering a new culture, exploring new places, tastes and activities, join AMEAC 2017.

Schedule & Activities

The congress takes place between the 10th and the 16th of September 2017.
Besides the usual congress activities - company presentation, technical visit, the Spirits Night and the final dinner, you will also enjoy a lot of other activities.
This year's event is also extended with the ExMEAC and Alumni Meeting. EUROAVIA Alumni will join us in a full day event, to share with us their after-studies
experiences and stories. The two activities will take place between 8th September - 10th September.
Application rules are available here .

About EUROAVIA Cluj-Napoca

EUROAVIA Cluj-Napoca was founded in October 2008, with the status of PAS (Perspective Affiliated Society) obtained at the AMEAC (Annual Meeting of EUROAVIA Congress) in Rzeszˇw, Poland. In April 2010, after organizing our first international event, Fly-In Cluj-Napoca, EUROAVIA Cluj-Napoca was unanimously voted at EMEAC (Electoral Meeting of EUROAVIA Congress) Pisa to serve as an Affiliated Society. EUROAVIA Cluj-Napoca was founded within the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and its members are enthusiastic students with a highly developed team spirit, eager of working both on a local and international level.